Tuesday, 4 June 2013

04 June

I bravely cycled to the shops to buy groceries (now that Malcolm's pocket money has been given to us we could do some proper staple-food shopping!), and finally bought the Nutella I've had my eye on... it was a better deal to buy 1kg than 800g so...

my two favorite things in Germany :D
Malcolm had a good day, settling into lessons. The course is really intensive so he should progress quickly; the other day while shopping he discovered that if he mumbles in a German accent he can get around questions, but I think actual speaking might be better ;) The group he's with sounds pleasant... somebody commented how lucky he is to have his wife here with him, packing him sandwiches for lunch :D It's nice that he gets to meet such a diverse group, and I think it's especially good for some others too - like the girl who asked if South Africa is near Isreal...??

Malcolm doing some extra revision :) 
Again we went for a ride through the forest, we could go a little further because it was earlier - Mrs Boote, I have a new respect for your Himalayan adventure!

While riding we saw a teenage couple walking along, drinking beer as they went. The drinking-habits here are fascinating! Malcolm says that in the city there are constantly people walking with crates of beer, and today at the supermarket they had little bottles of various alcohol at the tills alongside the chocolate. It really is just everywhere!

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