Monday, 3 June 2013

03 June - this is the life?

Today did not feel like a Monday... but it did feel like the first day of school! It was the first day of Malcolm's language course and the first day of settling into a routine. I walked down to the bus-stop with Malcolm and off he went!

I decided to walk around some more to see the town of Dunnwald a bit. I also wanted to bake a cake so needed ingredients... after walking around a bit I found another grocery shop with more variety, yet still could not figure out exactly where their normal flour and sugar etc are. So I settled on pre-mix. At a little book magazine and book shop I finally managed to find some post cards to send our grandparents, though I still need to figure out how to post them! I also made some enquiries about sim-cards but realised I'm going to need to look up some vocab before I go back, seeing as they speak only German.

I got home and started baking... wearing my proudly South African apron, courtesy of Amy Burt :D

The cake turned out a magnificent... flop. So I decided it was enough of domestic-goddessness and I went outside to dance, seeing as the sun had come out a little and the veranda barre had warmed up :)

It was a slow afternoon and I've decided I definitely want to do a TEFL course to keep myself occupied and further my qualifications. It's also really helpful that the practical module is in Koln, which will be convenient.
I waited and waited for Malcolm to get home, but not having cellphones meant I couldn't find out where he was. I knew he had arrived from an email he'd sent, but after going to check the bus schedule and waiting for him to get off the bus a few times, I gave up and went home to cook dinner.

I was really, really happy when finally Malcolm walked through the door - exhausted because he had got off at the wrong stop and the next bus was much later. He had a really good day; the people at the centre are really nice and friendly, his teacher is on-the-ball and animated, the class is very diverse, and the pace seems good. He had to do an online test a while ago to be placed, but on arriving there was an oral test too, where he surprised the interviewer by scoring higher on than the written one. There was the possibility of him being put in the A2 class but he decided he'd rather have a really good foundation. So proud of my man!

There was also some helpful info from the DAAD people (the institution who are funding him) and he now knows where to go register. Because we're married we need to register together at some office to say where we're living (Feels epic like Mary and Joseph!), so I'll go into the city with him sometime this week to sort that out :) They also reimbursed us our travel expenses so we can now pay our rent :D
After dinner we decided to go for a ride in the forest, which was so refreshing and fun...

cycling along at 8:30pm
It's nice to be able to start settling into a bit of a routine now, it still feels much like a holiday but this is life?! Really, really crazy-blessed with this opportunity.


  1. Backe,backe Kuchen... Love the apron. I'm sure you'll find the correct ingredients soon. Then there will no more flops.

  2. Thanks, I love the apron, it brightens up the kitchen since the flowers on the windowsill died!