Sunday, 2 June 2013

02 June - Generosity

This morning I woke up feeling really burdened - it's looking like it might be quite difficult for me to get a job here, and finances just seem scary. I prodded Malcolm and told him my troubles... he was half asleep but gave me some good advice none-the-less, before going back to sleep. Something along the lines of "God's got us here and is looking after us, just thank Him". And so I fell asleep again praying and thanking God for all His provision in getting us here, and woke up again full of faith that, as Angel said when she said goodbye, the Lord is All-Knowing and Ever-Present.

I then remembered about the 20euros in an envelope that Caroline had given us for our first coffee in Germany. Not knowing where a coffee shop was, though, we headed to the bakery for some chocolate croissants to go with the coffee we'd bought. It was a delicious late-Sunday-breakfast and we were so thankful for where we are and all we've been given.

thanks, Caroline!!

The morning we spent watching TV - strange seeing Murder She Wrote in German - and catching up on this blog. We then decided to be adventurous and go for a walk to find a park to eat our remaining croissant. We didn't find the park, but landed up in the forest again which was quite lovely anyway :) We also saw some interesting things along the way...

Koeln pride : a little castle in somebody's garden

Dogs aren't allowed to lay eggs here.
Ironically, I stepped on an egg while taking the photo... 
While sitting on our veranda, Wolfgang and Ellen came past and asked if we'd like to join them for coffee and cake later when visitors came over. It was a husband and wife and their daughter and it was really nice spending time in the garden in the sunshine having coffee, cake and cherry juice. Yum! When they left, Ellen mentioned that they had friends down the road who had two bicycles they are no longer using and offered them to us. She phoned but there was no answer, but, assuming they were out in the garden, we drove over to them (the house in the previous post!). Sure enough, they were out in the garden but happily helped us pump up the tyres and sent us on our way! They seemed slightly amused by our gratitude... They offered us bikes, we took them up on it, and that was that, it seemed. I really appreciate how it seems like social convention here is somewhat simpler; if people offer something it's not to be "nice" and expect one to say no, but they seem to really mean it. Just yesterday we saw a drill at somebody's gate with a sign saying it was there for the taking! Anyway, we thanked the kind couple (Whose names I didn't even catch!) and rode off back home... apparently one doesn't forget how to ride a bike, though we need to be careful to remember to ride on the right side and check right, left, right again before crossing the road!

Malcolm and I with our wheels!
They have carriers on the back and I have a basket in front... it feels rather quaint!

God's provision astounds us more than it should, I think. Romans 8:32. 


  1. Much easier than lugging shopping bags around!

  2. Definitely! and faster :D though I need to buy another basket, too much shopping to fit in such a teeny basket ;)