Sunday, 2 June 2013

01 June - Discovering Dunnwald

The area of Koeln that we're in is called Dunnwald, on the outskirts of Koeln and really close to a forest. We started the day with another shopping expedition - shops are closed on Sundays so it was now or never! It was a really nice walk, probably about a kilometer to a grocery store called Aldi. It has the reputation of being very cheap and we had lots of time to wander the aisles looking at everything. Food prices don't seem too high, but we realised we had only 24 euros on us so we had to be quite careful because if we went over, there's nobody to call! They had a big jar of Nutella which was tempting, but we prioritised... next time it will definitely be in the trolley! (Interestingly, one needs to put money or a disk into the shopping trolley to release it, as a deposit... fortunately Ellen had given us hers the previous evening!)
On our way back from shopping we stopped at the bakery... unfortunately it is very close to our apartment so I can foresee a need for some serious will-power. The choice was overwhelming, so I asked which bread is the most popular and we bought that :)

In the afternoon, we decided to explore the area a bit and, having seen the forest on the map, headed in that direction.

some of the pretty houses on the way to the forest.
 The last house in the picture is significant...
wait and see in the next post :D

We discovered their public pool (which has a really big slide and will be great in summer!) and a restaurant there. Then we came across some wild boar in an enclosure... which lead to another enclose with deer... this lead to several enclosures of animals, a few wooden sculptures of animals, and us feeling just a little lost. We eventually found a road that lead out of the forest and we saw a sign pointing in the direction that we'd come saying "wild park", which explained things a little.

German pigs!!!

the road through the forest... reminds me of Dlinza just a little. 

Malcolm and the strong bear. It's inside a little building
and holds up the next story.

Malcolm and the Yak! We saw a yak! Is it a yak???
 Nope, it's apparantly a musk ox, according to google.
(isn't that the same thing? ;) )

When we got back, we went to Ellen and Wolfgang to see how to set up the internet, which lead to us being invited inside for something to drink. We had a lovely chat and they then took us for a drive to show us which buses and trains Malcolm needs to take to get to the language centre. They drove all the way into the city centre to show us, and it really helped to make both Malcolm and I feel better about his first trip there on Monday. The city is beautiful and the architecture is fascinating and always changing... from beautifully old buildings and window boxes to concrete and graffiti. We also saw where the zoo, the cathedral and the Rhine park are, which we hope to visit some time while we're here.


  1. These walks in the park will sort out all the yummy Brotchen and Nutella! Enjoy!

  2. Haha yes! Though, fortunately, Brotchen and Nutella aren't too cheap, so fruit is better anyway ;)