Thursday, 2 March 2017

January & February

We're well into 2017! It's March! 
March holds much excitement - meeting our baby! Our 4 year wedding anniversary! AND mum comes to visit in just a month's time! 
Ok, so even though I'm VERY excited about what's coming, I will calmly recap what's been. So many special moments. 

January started with our trip to the Black Forest. Freudenstadt, Freiburg, Strassbourg, Neuneck... long, snowy walks... evenings with hot chocolate... Time alone and relaxed.

When we got back, it was back to work for both us. Malcolm's work in the lab has gone really well this year, which is excellent news! 
At the end of January, I went on maternity leave. The first weekend of leave I was quite sick with a cold, which I was such a baby about because I felt awful and could take no medication. 
However, the river had frozen over and I didn't want to miss seeing it. So that Sunday we headed into town just to see the river. One wasn't meant to stand on it, but there were a number of people ice-skating and walking on the ice. 

Although I had time off work, I was still in the Cafe and Tuition and Kinderclub and English kids-group. I officially had my last day in Kindeclub towards the end of February, which was sad and a little unreal to end such a long chapter. I also lead the English Kids-group for the last time a week later and will now have a break from that for a while. I used my time off work to fill out lots of paper work and worked on various projects, including the baby-nook

There was also my baby shower, which was SO. MUCH. FUN. 

I tried to surprise Malcolm on Valentine's Day with some cookies... but ended up only able to send him this photo... 

February was also spent using our weekends as much as possible to spend time together. We went to the movies to see Lala Land (thanks to a gift voucher that friends had given us!) and spent time wandering around the city and eating icecream.

I also spent a fair amount of time trying to take everbody's advice and go for walks, despite miserable weather and achy hips. If it's warm enough for the geese to return, it's warm enough for me to go out waddling! 

This last weekend Malcolm and I went for a walk together in the forest in our neighbourhood. It's a lot more fun walking with him than alone, and I'm impressed with his patience and his photography skills, helping to document this unique phase of our lives where we could become parents tomorrow or in a few weeks... 

After wandering around for a while, we sat in a field in the cold and watched the sun go down, a pretty sweet way to end February. 

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Our (teeny tiny) Baby Nook

I mentioned previously, that we decided to use our tiny "Abstellkammer" or storage room/closet (1.2m x 1.6m) for our baby's things. She'll sleep in our room, but clothes and all other baby-related things belong in their own special place. 
Honestly, it made me a little sad when I thought that we'd have no 'special' place for our child. I mean, Harry Potter grew up in the cupboard under the stairs, but I wasn't convinced. 
However, when I came across the various tiny nurseries and tiny baby nooks, I realised that we have all we need. Many hours were spent sitting on the couch, watching one series or another, with my concentration actually on the tiny room I wanted to transform. 

So this is what we started with: 

Except there was an old, rickety shelf in there that we had borrowed ages ago. I only thought to take a photo after the shelf was returned. Ironing board, iron, clothes drying rack, boxes, hardware stuff, paper recycling, suitcases... so much stuff was stored in there. But, we managed to find new homes for stuff and clear out everything except the suitcases, ironing board and drying rack (which are hidden away. 

The first step was to buy a bookshelf on Amazon (because Ikea's delivery charges...). We also got given a light pink changing pad. I bought sheets and cut them up and sewed them to make changing pad covers (tutorial here) and fitted sheets for the tiny bassinet mattress. 

In the shelf we hung up a rod for tiny clothes to be hung up, 
We searched for tension rods and finally bought one, but after a few days it fell down. It was a Sunday night when we realised we'd need a new solution, so, not wanting to spend more money, we went for a walk to see what people had thrown out and if we couldn't find a broom or rod or pipe of some kind. At the first pile of Sperrmüll, we found PVC pipes, which were just perfect! So Malcolm cut it to size and screwed it in from either side. 

We went to the hardware store and bought a big shelf plank, which they cut to the dimensions we needed, which also made it easier to carry home in the bus ;) 
Malcolm screwed it all together and attached a block to the wall for one end to rest on. 
Friends went to Ikea and kindly bought us stuff - the little grey lamp and the drawer dividers which organise the shelves. 

We ordered these yellow boxes, which fit perfectly, and I love how they brighten up the room and keep nappies and blankets and stuff stashed away. 
I also sewed a curtain to block off the suitcases (which are also used to store more luggage and boxes of baby clothes in the sizes we don't need yet) and bought a white plastic basket to hold small amounts of laundry. 

In the drawer of the white cupboard (which we took out of the kitchen when we first moved in, to make space for a washing machine), there are all sorts of nappy-changing things and samples and bits and pieces. I don't yet know how to organise them, since I'm clueless, but once we see how things work, it'll be better :) 
Socks are also stored here because I can't figure out what size any of them are...
In the bottom part of the cupboard, there are more boxes of clothes and space for boxes of nappies.

After Malcolm fixed a rather large crack running up the wall, 
the final touches were really just decor... 
A friend gave us this moon shaped music-thing (it's called a Spieluhr in German, in English... no idea) which plays the prettiest tune, and another friend made this cute canvas with a giraffe on it. 

Malcolm painted sweet little animals too...

And I wrote out a favourite verse (and forgot punctuation and the scripture reference - Lamentations 3:22-23) 

And of course, since teddy isn't allowed in the bassinet, she's also chilling in the baby-nook, along with the giant baby blanket we crocheted :) 

All in all, I'm really pleased with how our project turned out. 
Time will tell how practical it really is, but I'm so glad that we've been able to make a tiny little spot for our daughter's things. Sure, I don't get to sit in a rocking chair in her nursery, reading her stories in utero, contemplating the future, but that's probably overrated anyway ;) 

Sunday, 26 February 2017


I've gone ahead and used photos of German friends and posted them online, which I seldom do because online privacy is taken more seriously here. So THANK YOU, dear German friends, whose names I protect, for your sacrifice that I could share this special evening with family, friends, and strangers.

As mentioned in a previous post, baby showers are not typically done in Germany. Instead, after the baby is born, one may receive some gifts. A friend and I organised a baby shower for another friend last year, just for fun, but it didn't really occur to me that they may do the same for me. 
Honestly, I was a little disappointed to be missing out on "my" stork party (as they are called in South Africa), but decided not to let it get me down - different country, different experience, different things to enjoy! 

So, when a friend came over for coffee one morning and nonchalantly mentioned that her husband had invited Malcolm over that evening to play chess, and that she was baby-sitting for a mutual friend that evening, and asked if I wanted to tag along, I thought nothing of it. The thought of being home alone on a Friday night sounded somewhat appealing, but also a bit boring. We could hang out together and watch movies (okay realistically we would probably spend the evening playing memory or eye-spy) and relax together. Malcolm said I should go have fun. I was still unsure. 
I went to KinderClub, and after it ended, realised that I had a message asking if I was going  to join her - our friend would leave us dinner and wanted to know if it would be for one or two of us. I decided I'd just do it, and said I'd be there, but since I was replying so late, it wasn't a problem if there was no dinner for me. 

So I headed into the city to meet my friend at the bus-stop where we had arranged to meet. Now when I think back on it, it was strange how she was suddenly walking up ahead of me - clearly having come out of the side-street where the house was where we'd be babysitting. 
We met up and walked the short way to our friend's house. A second clue that something was up, in hind-sight, was that when we rung the bell, my friend said her name and then hurriedly added "with Erica!"
We headed up the stairs, chatting. As we rounded the bend in the stairs, I suddenly heard footsteps - perfectly normal when 3 children stampede to come and say hello - but realised that there were way too many and way too loud to be children, as a group shouted "welcome to your baby shower!!!" 
I was stunned. There were suddenly all these friends and I was so confused and shocked and surprised and didn't quite know what to do with myself or who to say hello to first! 

As I came in, I was how much preparation had been put into the evening - the dining room was all decorated with pink and purple and laid out with food, and a small group of friends from our international group and our neighbourhood were there to celebrate the coming arrival of our daughter :) 

The evening started somewhat amusingly and somewhat tragically when the tray of pretty champagne glasses with soda water and pink juice tipped over... it would have been funny to send a photo of everybody with paper towels mopping up this pink-red fluid and send it to Malcolm, let hom draw his own conclusion, and give him a surprise too ;)

After dinner, it was time to play some games. We started off trying to guess whose baby photo is who... 

That's me! 

And then there was a quiz about me. Afterwards we had a baby-making competition, where everybody made a baby out of play-dough and I had to rank them. There were some really cute ones! And weird ones! 

Then we played a game to see who could produce the heaviest nappy without the water spilling out. I think the winner's nappy was about 800gr or so! We ate cupcakes and drank coffee, while everybody filled in a sheet guessing the weight and length of our baby, what time she'd be born and a few other details. I guess time will tell who wins that game! It was then time to play a last game - I needed to teach everybody a position or pose from ballet and then give them marks. The over-all winner was crowned princess and presented with long, blond hair and a crown, and had the honour of taking a photo with me ;)

With the games all over, my friends gathered around me and prayed for me, our family,  the baby, the birth... it was so special and so meaningful and I felt so overwhelmed that I have friends who would do this for me. Who would go to the effort of planning and preparing something as frivolous as a stork party for me, just because they love me. It absolutely was just more confirmation that having our baby here in Marburg, with friends to support and love us, was a good decision. 

The night ended with some silly photos, and being presented with a nappy-castle. Tucked away in the nappies was money - we used some of it to buy our baby's first teddy bear and an outfit to bring her home in, and rest is stashed away for a rainy day. 

I don't think my friends believe me when I say I was surprised - to them their plan was really transparent - but I still can't believe how gullible and easily caught I was! I'm very impressed with you two. 

Saturday, 25 February 2017

Pregnant! Trimester #3

The final trimester suddenly arrived, along with the aches and pains that articles warned me about. But it's been the most exciting trimester, getting things ready for our little one to join us on this side of my womb! 

6 weeks before my due-date, I had my last day of work as mutterschutz kicked in and maternity leave started. This gives me a lot more time, though I firmly believe that it's a fair amount of time to give a distracted and confused mother-to-be to fill in all the paper-work in preparation. 

I was hoping I'd have a stronger nesting instinct and that our place would be sparkling. But it comes in waves every now and then and I did suddenly wash the windows one day, and getting a new vacuum cleaner sent me on a dust-busting rampage. But mostly it's been the shopping, creating and organising kind of nesting. 
We finally finished the baby-nook, I did some sewing projects, we bought our daughter a teddy bear (after much hunting), and I organised and washed baby clothes 
(friends have been SO. GENEROUS. When it comes to baby clothes, I think I've bought 4 onesies, 4 pyjamas, and a dress... everything else has been given to us. See how nicely God is already looking after and providing for our little one? Oh AND, maternity clothes: I have bought one pair of pants and a coat, off ebay, the rest is clothes that I've either been given or lent by friends. How amazing are my friends?!)

I was also suuuuper surprised by friends organising a baby shower for me. Baby showers do not typically happen in Germany, so I was completely surprised and felt just so spoiled - though the first hour I wasn't quite sure what to do with myself as I was still in shock ;) But that deserves a blog post of it's own! (coming soon...) :)

As things are nearly ready for our daughter, we've also been putting lots of though into what she should be called. We managed to narrow our list down to 3 names (and decided that we'll have to have at least 3 daughters because we love all 3 names so much...) so I met with a friend for a top-secret-name-discussion to discuss our top 3 choices from a German perspective. Talking to her gave me a lot of reassurance, and gave us some things to consider.
We're still undecided. 

I've also been trying to soak up these last weeks of being pregnant. I've been so fortunate with no heart burn, muscle cramps, other common symptoms... let's hope it stays like that! Towards the end of the second trimester and start of the third I had really bad hip pain. I ran to catch a bus one day, and felt like a cripple the next day. Most exercise left my hips aching that I would wake up at night from the pain of moving my legs. That has meant that I haven't been nearly as active as I had hoped, but with moderate amounts of activity it hasn't been an issue in a long time. I've had some pretty bad upper-back pain, but that's actually got a LOT better in the last month. Now it's my lower back that hurts if I walk a lot, and my stomach gets sore if I'm really active, but this is really only if it's a lot. In the Black Forest on holiday I'd often feel quite sore in the evenings after walking a lot, but since getting back to Marburg I've taken it a bit easier (well, except the two weeks where the bus-drivers were striking...). 

Part of soaking up these last weeks has been taking lots of photos, or trying to. Unfortunatly, with my stomach only getting big in Winter, most photos are of me in the same coat over and over again... gets a little boring! But, I've tried to get some in normal clothes, and being pregnant in Winter has also meant it's been very comfortable and cosy :) 

Throughout the pregnancy we've taken photos of my growing tummy (and butt...) every 2 weeks - it's so crazy to see my body change so profoundly, and I look forward to seeing the entire series at the end! 

So how is our little one doing? According to the pregnancy app that I use, she's now the size of a striped skunk. (Malcolm and I have learnt a lot about various animals that our baby has been the size of - Sunday morning ritual is to see what animal she's the size of an then watch a documentary or youtube clip about the animal...)
The doctor compliments our baby all the time, for being the right size and having a nice heart beat and good bones. It makes me feel like quite a proud mom already! The last few ultrasounds have indicated a fair amount of hair, so we're excited to see how much it really is. She's too cramped now to make too much out on ultrasounds now and she often hides her face and the doctor often has had to search for a while to get a profile view of her face. She wiggles around a lot, and I love watching my stomach bulge and wave where she moves.

With just a few more weeks to go, we are SO. EXCITED. to meet her.

Although I'll miss my stomach-table a little bit - it has its convenient moments.